In late 1960‘s and early 1970‘s, the United States Government relaxed its Immigration policies to permit more highly skilled people from other countries to immigrate to the United States. This more liberal policy resulted in vast number of students entering the US institutions for higher education. In addition, many US companies, faced with the shortage of high skilled workers, sponsored many scientists and engineers. This resulted in a large influx of Indians to many US cities. Houston, being the Energy Capital of the World, attracted a proportionally large number of students and other professionals to the City. Nucleus of this influx into the City happened to be the University of Houston (UH) where a large number of students were pursuing higher education. In addition to pursuing their technical studies, the students also felt the need for staying connected with their mother country‘s heritage and culture. As a result, an Indian Students Association (ISA) was formed at the University of Houston. The main extra-curricular activities of ISA were to show Indian movies and organize cultural events such as Indian dancing and singing events. Slowly, but surely, the audience for these events grew to include many members of the Indian Community at large, living and working in the Greater Houston Area. It was felt,therefore, that an Area wide Organization representing all Indians should be formed. Dr. Harb S. Hyare, who was working as a Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Houston, took a lead in launching the first organization to represent all Indo-Americans in the Greater Houston Area.

Birth of India Culture Center (ICC)

The new organization, named. India Culture Center (ICC) was born on June 27, 1973. Its objectives were to provide cultural, intellectual, social, physical and spiritual understanding and appreciation of cultures of India among all persons regardless of color, creed, race, religion and national origin; to promote Indo-American friendship; and to promote cultural , social, regional and religious activities of India as sponsored by various groups and associations functioning in this geographical area. Initial Application to incorporate the new organization was filed on June 29, 1973. Later, however, it was amended on September 4, 1973 to specifically state that the Corporation was organized for the exclusive educational and charitable purposes to qualify as a Tax Exempt organization under the Article 501 (iii) of the Internal Revenue Code. One of the principal ICC‘s goals to promote India‘s cultural heritage was to establish a physical facility in the Houston Area. This remained as one of the defined goals in the ICC Bylaws all the way through the year. 2000 when a 10 acre parcel of land was bought by ICC to build the IndoAmerican Community Center, named India House. The innermost feelings in the minds of many presidents of ICC reflected the vision that the India House was going to be a physical body in which the ICC soul will live forever. Serious planning to build India House was started in the year 2002. Today we have a thriving, large, five million dollars facility located on 8888 West Bellfort. It is very satisfying to note that India House is fulfilling the ICC vision very successfully, by offering various programs and events of great benefit to the community.

With immense pride in its past accomplishments, ICC looks towards a brighter future with many more accomplishments, as it nears its 50th anniversary in the Year 2023.