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ICC's Typical Activity/Events are:

  • India's Republic Day Celebration
  • India's Independence Day Celebration
  • Celebration of Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday
  • Conduct Various Community Activities
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Celebrate India's Republic Day

Celebrate India's Independent Day

Celebrate Gandhi Jayanti

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India Culture Center (ICC) will be holding its 2017 Annual General Body Meeting on Sunday December 3 at India House, 8888 West Belfort, Houston TX 77031 at 2pm followed by the General elections. All life members are invited to join in. For more information you may reach President Dr Falguni Gandhi

Message From President

Namaste, and a warm welcome to India Culture Center. I am glad you are interested in knowing more about ICC Houston, TX and will gladly guide you through our organization's vision. I sincerely hope we meet your needs. Through our diversity, ICC recognizes the need to instill key aspects of our culture in our youth, while simultaneously creating a safe environment for them to develop leadership skills for their future.

ICC aims to promote the richness and diversity of the Indian heritage, arts, culture and foster goodwill and harmony between different communities and culture. Come and Join with us to and be a proud member of greater Indian Community & Culture. Dr. Falguni Gandhi, President, ICC